I’m having a big party, should I rent two machines?

We suggest that if you are having:

100-149 people: You Should consider getting two of the Traditional Commercial Grade Machine.

150-200 people: Two Traditional Commercial Grade Machines is a must or One Beast Machine

200 to 300 people: We highly recommend getting three Traditional Commercial Grade Machine or Two Beast

Dose This Machine Need Ice?
-No, This Machine Will Freeze the Mix.

Do I Need A Table for the Machine?
Nope. The machine dose Come with a cart. We use a cover for the cart so it looks like its on a Table.

When You Deliver How long is a rental for?
All rentals have to be ready by 9:00 A.M. the next following day.
Our Pick-Up Time is 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

What Happens if we cant be home at that time?
Most of the time people will leave the machine in the back yard.
We can get the machine without you being home.

Can we get a later Pick-up the next day (later than 2:00PM)?
Yes, There is additional $25 for a later pick-up (no later than 8:00 PM)
For Example- We delivery to you on a Saturday Morning and Pick-up on Sunday Evening)

Can we Rent the machine for More than One Day?
Yes, Each additonal day is $49. Comes with one addtional mix.

What Time Frame Will You Deliver the Machine?
Our Delivery Time Frames are
-6:00 AM to 9:00 AM
--8:00 AM to 2:30 PM

You Pick the Time Frame that best fits your needs
24hrs before your event, once we plan our routes

We will call you and give you a more detail Time Frame.
so your not waiting all day for us... like other companies.

We will Try to narrow it down to just a 1hr Time Frame
For Example like 11:00PM - 12:00PM

What Time Do You Pick Up The Machine
The Next Day From 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Can You Deliver at a Specific Time? For Example... The Hall will not let me in until 3:00 PM.... YES!
for only $39.99 you pick the time.. if we are late you get the $39.99 back PLUS 50% off your order!

I Don't have to Pay for Mixes Not Open?
Yes, The 1st Mix is free any addtional mixes open are $20.
For any mixes not open you will be refunded the $20.
If you pay with Credit Card your card will be refunded
If You pay with Cash we will Refund at time of Pick-Up

Can you do a Same Day Pick-Up?
Yes. If your party is in a hall you typically have to have all your equipment
out by the end of the night.

- If we pick it up by 7:00 PM= $20

-7:00 PM to 11:00 PM= $30

-11:01 PM to 2:00 AM= $40

What is the latest time for a Same Day Pick-Up?
2:00 A.M.

My Party is in a Hall But they do not want me to leave the machine over night...
Do I have to Get a Same Day Pick?
No, You can take the Machine to Your House and we Can Pick-Up the Machine there with no extra Charges (as long as the pick-up is in the Pick-Up Zone).

Do I need to clean the machine after the rental?
No. Part of our service is that we set up and clean up.
We never charge extra for this like other rental companies.

Can these machines be used outside?
The Blizzard and Beast Can Be Outside

Can you carry the machine upstairs?
The Blizzard and Small Machine–Yes, But we do charge Extra. $30.00.
This is to cover the insurance and Extra Manpower needed.

For The Beast- No. Its just Too Heavy

What type of payments do you take and when do I pay?
We take Cash, Company Checks, all major Credit Cards
or Debit Cards w/ Visa or Master Card logo.
Full Payment is due at the time of rental.

How Long does it take for you to set up the machine?
Usually about 20 to 40 minutes.

Is There a Deposit?
Yes, We need a $25 Deposit to Guarantee the machine for your party.
--There is a refund If you cancel your order 10 days or more before your rental date.
If you Cancel less than 10 days before your order date you foreit the deposit.
-The $25 Deposit is Subtracted from the Total Amount Due

How Soon Should I Book my Machine Rental?
We recommend Two Weeks in advance, We Rent Machines on a 1st come 1st Serve Basis...
We require a $25 Deposit to hold the machine for you... WE WILL NOT HOLD
the Machine without the Deposit.

What is the Lastest I can Rent the Machine?
As long as we have a machine available we need at least a 48hr notice.
Any orders placed with less than a 48hr notice will be subject to addtional Charges

Once I turn on the machine, is there Anything I Have To Do?
Yes, this is very important.
Make sure you have a few drinks and have a good time at your party.
The machine will operate itself.
The only thing you might have to do is watch for the low lights indicator to add more mix.