5 Gallon Mix
Makes 80 (8oz) Drinks

You Need
Two 1.75 Liter Bottles of Tequila
*This Mix has Triple Sec Flavor in it. No Need to Buy it

This is a Good Medium base.
It's not going to be too strong but you will be able to taste the Alcohol

We also recommend to get the clear kind of tequila (sometimes called Silver).
This will give the Margarita a better color.

Tequila Info
It is Best Not To buy the cheapest bottle you can find.

Even Though it's margarita
The Tequila still has a major impact on the flavor.

Very Cheap Tequila will make the margaritas taste like cheap margaritas.

Don't buy Expensive Tequila (like Patron).

Our Recommended Choices

Ok - Montezuma White- Price Rage $ 15 - $ 18

Better- Juarez (White)- Price Range $ 17 - $ 20

Best- Jose Cuervo Sliver- $ 27 - $ 31